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Below are some useful links to assist you in continuing your research on retirement.

Floridacommunities.com has no affiliation with any of these sites (although we are members of most of the chambers of commerce). When you click on a link, a new window will open and you will be taken to the selected site. Since you will no longer be browsing our site, we will use this opportunity to thank you for visiting our site, and invite you to return soon.

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Our Beautiful Coastal Alabama Community


Pasco County Information

Pasco County Visitor's Information

Pasco County Government

Dade City Chamber of Commerce

Zephyrhills Chamber of Commerce

Central Pasco Chamber of Commerce

West Pasco Chamber of Commerce

Polk County Information

Polk County Chamber of Commerce

Polk County Visitor's Information

Factory Built Homes Manufacturer Links

Jacobsen Homes

Palm Harbor Homes

Florida Manufactured Housing Association

Online Seniors Organizations

Seniors Net

Third Age

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