Community Standards
Our greatest obligation to you and our own top priority is to provide the best community environment at a reasonable cost. To this end, we have established community standards - "Rules and Regulations" aimed at permitting an active lifestyle yet ensuring the privacy and comfort of all our residents. Through these standards we are able to provide and maintain well-kept communities offering beauty and serenity.

Community standards establish a basic criteria for anyone wishing to move into our communities, and those same standards apply whenever homes are resold. It's these high principles of daily living that allow us to keep so many happy residents.

When you review our Lease Agreement, you'll realize that our community standards are simply guidelines by which nearly all of us have conducted our daily lives for years. We just put them in writing to avoid misunderstandings. Our Lease Agreement, more than any other single factor, is what ensures high resale values of the homes in our communities. Good rules mean good neighbors, and good neighbors create good neighborhoods - and that protects your investment. People will eagerly buy previously owned homes at a reasonable price, and in a quality neighborhood.

Most current residents confirm that the two most important factors influencing their selection, and what continues to bring them peace of mind are the community standards, and the friendliness of our residents. In addition, our residents are homeowners - not renters - and that adds stability, permanence and a sense of pride to the neighborhood.

If you buy a lot by itself in a development, established community standards are not always present. And a neighborhood that was satisfactory in the beginning can suddenly become unacceptable. In our communities you know up front the standards by which everyone lives and you can rest assured that they will stay that way or even improve through our annual review and revision process.

After giving this careful consideration, we hope you'll agree a Heiler Community is the place to call home.

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